Life at EcoVest

Core to our value is sustaining and improving our team and the communities we touch. In a high-performance environment such as ours, we encourage our colleagues to find that all-important work-life balance that enables them to be true to themselves and to the success of our stakeholders. We heartily support their continuing education needs and industry association memberships.

At EcoVest, you'll find a strong sense of camaraderie as many of our teammates have worked together for more than a decade. New colleagues are readily welcomed, and monthly team meetings, milestone celebrations and outings accelerate relationships. Respect extends outside the organization, too, as we embrace the importance of giving back through programs that enable colleagues to support families in need.

Team Building

We are driven by metrics and when they are achieved, we enjoy some well-earned downtime at offsite events.


Continuing education applied to real-world challenges enables our team to never settle for the status quo. Moreover, we leverage personal relationships we have built up over the years to expose our team to new ideas that stimulate intellectual curiosity and personal growth.


Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat spoke to our team and a select group of invited guests to share his perspective on the economy, trade and foreign policy. His newest book, “President Carter, The White House Years,” provides an insider’s look at the president, the presidency, decisions made during that administration and their relevance to the world today.


Guest speaker Dr. Gill Heart used captivating stories to illustrate what happens in our brains when stress triggers our amygdala to flip…and how best to combat it so that actions driven instead by our prefrontal cortex restore us to more sound thinking. Here’s one of his tips when you’re under stress: take a deep breath, exhale, and smile. Try it. It works.


Whether recognizing birthdays, marking holidays, or supporting each other in times of need, we live out our philosophy.

Halloween brings out our playful side.


Braves games – As the Atlanta Braves headed into the pennant race, we took our staff and their families out to enjoy the old ball game.

Giving Back

EcoVest embraces the concept of corporate social responsibility by making business decisions that consider the impact on natural resources, by supporting our local communities, and by working to do so in a profitable manner. Recently, we worked with an Atlanta-based outreach program and provided local families with necessities like diapers and food along with holiday gifts for their children.